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Alberto Vargas non-ad artwork first appeared in PLAYBOY Magazine in the March 1957 issue, which featured a five-page portfolio of vintage images.

It was almost four years later in September 1960 before this legendary artist would again adorn the pages of PLAYBOY. From that time until the late 1970s, nearly every issue published contained a new creation from his brilliant imagination and unmatched brush.

In the earlier years, most Vargas works were single page, whereas more and more of the later issues were devoted to entire 2-page layouts. My "Vargas In PLAYBOY Gallery" presents full-color thumbnails of all individual works (both single and double-page, as well as the multiple-page features), along with prices for the featured work. (For the sake of completeness, the Gallery even includes those PLAYBOY appearances which are only fractional-page pictures, and which are typically promotional ads for Vargas works in upcoming PLAYBOY issues.)



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